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HU      Recently published articles in Hospitality Upgrade magazine written by our Head of Analytics 


     Spring 2017
  Building a successful analytics team (Part 2)
  A successful analytics team does not need to be made up of superstars who can do it all. Rather, the strengths of team members should be complementary for the greater good of fully optimizing the value of analytics to the organization.



     Fall 2016
  Building a successful analytics team (Part 1)
  One of the key requirements for analytics success is the analytics team. To be considered successful, the analytics team must deliver value-added insights and work with end users to ensure that the delivered analytics insights produces business value.  Building a successful analytics team is therefore about creating a multi-functional workforce that can work together to fully optimize the value of analytics to the organization.



     Summer 2016
  Using data analytics to detect fraud
  Fraud, unfortunately, is an everyday unpleasant & costly occurrence within any hospitality business. Whether the fraud originates internally or externally, hospitality businesses are being exposed to higher risks as a result of the increased sophistication of fraud. Data analytics, when used as part of internal control and fraud mitigation efforts, encourages the utilization of analytical methods & tools, as well as new and improved technology to help identify potentially fraudulent business transactions, events, or behavior.



     Spring 2016
  Improving guest experience with analytics
  Continuously improving the guest experience is critical for the retention of loyal guests and attracting new ones. However, delivering a high level of guest satisfaction consistently can be quite challenging. One way to help address this challenge would be to incorporate analytics into the plans and decisions you make related to the guest experience. When done effectively, the integration of analytics can help you to better understand the factors that influence profitability, guest satisfaction, brand loyalty and churning, while at the same time provide the insights you need to help develop new and innovative ways of improving the guest experience.



  Flex Your Data Muscles: 12 Challenges to Get Hospitality Analytics Working For You
  A 12-month series of hospitality-related analytics challenges to assist you in kick-starting your analytics journey, or, for those who are already doing some analytics, help you refine your approach to analytics.



     Fall 2014
  Valuable data you may be ignoring
  A lot of valuable data is being generated by your various technology solutions that you may have been ignoring. Take some time to evaluate these solutions, identify valuable data sets, and make an effort to incorporate these data sets into your analytics. It might provide that “ah-ha” moment you’ve been waiting for!



     Summer 2014
  Foster an Analytics Culture: It's more critical to your success than you think
  A successful analytics initiative is much more than gathering and crunching data, highlighting trends in fancy charts, or acquiring the latest technology. Of critical importance is the human element that is needed to actually transform the resulting insights into smarter decisions and valuable transformative actions. Making this human element relevant requires a corporate culture that supports and facilitates evidence-based decisions.



     Spring 2014 (featured article)
  Why Big Data Matters to You 
  Big Data, a big buzz at the moment, holds the promise of adding more meaningful insight to your data. Incorporating Big Data into your analytics may enable your hospitality organization optimize and enhance the guest experience, and thus become more competitive and profitable. Don’t just ignore Big Data, use it.



     Fall 2013
  Simple ways to use analytics to improve performance
  The term “analytics” may seem daunting to some mid-level hospitality managers, and many assume that they don’t have adequate technical skills to enable them use analytics effectively. The good news is: managers at all levels can and should be using analytics to support their day-to-day business decisions.