Hospitality Analytics


Hospitality Analytics
Leverage the power of analytics to enhance the total guest experience

The widespread availability of intuitive and less expensive analytics tools means that hospitality companies of any size can tap into the power of analytics to encourage fact-based insights, leading to smarter business decisions.

Hospitality analytics provides you with a mechanism to go beyond traditional reporting and deepen your understanding of guest data. This will help you - develop a more granular knowledge of guest behavior, needs, preferences, and expectations; easily identify profitable guests and their buying preferences; identify opportunities to attract and retain guests; and improve the overall guest experience.

Talk to us, and let’s work with you to optimize the use of analytics within your hospitality organization to drive better insights, leading to a superior growth in both revenue and profits.


Hotels & Resorts

We can help you and your team develop various metrics and performance indicators to enable you uncover and monitor trends that are most valuable to you, and also react to emerging opportunities and threats. Leumas Solutions will work with you to develop efficient processes to enable you quickly gather the relevant data from all your sources of data, conduct meaningful analysis, and share the resulting analysis with those who need it to do their jobs.

  • Do you want to understand how the various aspects of your business (or various properties) are performing without manually reviewing disparate spreadsheets and static reports?
  • Are you struggling to reconcile or combine hard copies of various static reports generated by your PMS, CRS, POS, and other systems?
  • Are you stuck wondering whether you are measuring and monitoring the right performance indicators?
  • Do you realize significant ROI from your analytics technology investments or wonder whether you are optimizing the available analytics tools?
  • Do you wonder why the Labor Cost Percentage or ADR is significantly off from your budget and benchmarks, and why you did not see this trend much earlier?
  • Is there strategic alignment between the analytics your perform and your corporate goals?
  • Are your efforts to foster an analytics culture not yielding any meaningful results?

If you, like many others who manage hotels & resorts, face similar business challenges, then let's have a discussion on how you can benefit from our hospitality analytics services.



Whether you are in the casual-dining, fast-casual, or fine-dining restaurant business, you need a reliable reporting & analytics framework in place to enable a deeper understanding of what is going in your restaurant and to support improved decision-making.

Our consultants will partner with you to help you to:

  • Quickly develop and obtain the reports & analytics you need to make faster proactive decisions
  • Clearly understand your reports & analytics so that you know exactly what's going on within your business
  • Stay on top of your resources and assets to minimize and deter fraud
  • Monitor & improve the overall performance of your staff
  • Optimize your workforce and control your labor costs
  • Benchmark your performance against internal and external metrics
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve back-office efficiency

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Country Clubs

Most country clubs need a reliable reporting & analytics framework in place to enable the quick development of a deeper understanding of what is going in within the country club and to make proactive decisions to improve performance.

Our country club reporting & analytics services will help you develop credible reports & analytics and also improve upon the current standard reporting that you get from your various systems (such as club management, POS, inventory, finance, reservations etc.).  As a result, you will gain clearer insights into your data so that you can make better decisions for your country club and also quickly identify areas of opportunity to improve profitability, efficiency, and performance.

Whether you want to react quickly to member preferences, improve staff productivity, cut costs, boost profits, or reduce fraud & theft, Leumas Solutions will be your trusted partner throughout the journey.

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