Restaurant Reporting & Analytics
Improve your reporting & analytics to improve your business

Whether you are in the casual-dining, fast-casual, or fine-dining restaurant business, you need a reliable reporting & analytics framework in place to enable a deeper understanding of what is going on within your restaurant and to support improved decision-making.

Our restaurant reporting & analytics services will help you develop credible restaurant reports & analytics and also improve upon the current standard reporting that you get from your various systems (such as POS, inventory, finance, reservations etc.).  As a result, you will gain clearer insights into your data so that you can make better decisions for your restaurant and also quickly identify areas of opportunity and problem areas. For example, you can use the improved reports & analytics to quickly determine which meals or beverages are popular during which times of day to help optimize your menu choices. You could also use our analytics to determine the optimal labor force requirements for specific times or days.

Our consultants will partner with you to help you to:

  • Quickly develop and obtain the reports & analytics you need to make faster proactive decisions
  • Clearly understand your reports & analytics so that you know exactly what's going on within your business
  • Stay on top of your resources and assets to minimize and deter fraud
  • Monitor & improve the overall performance of your staff
  • Optimize your workforce and control your labor costs
  • Benchmark your performance against internal and external metrics
  • Eliminate redundancies and improve back-office efficiency

Whether you want to react quickly to guest preferences, improve server productivity, cut costs, boost profits, or reduce fraud & theft, Leumas Solutions will be your trusted partner throughout the journey.

Outsourcing to Leumas Solutions

We are aware that you may not have the manpower or expertise for reporting and analytics, that is why Leumas Solutions offers you the opportunity to outsource your reporting and analytics tasks to us. Outsourcing will enable you to leverage the expertise & best practices of Leumas Solutions to improve the overall performance of your restaurant.

The other benefits you could derive from outsourcing to us include:

  • Labor cost savings from not having to hire full-time staff dedicated to reporting & analytics
  • Opportunity to make better use of all available data to improve performance
  • Flexible customization of outsourced tasks to meet your specific needs. Not a "one-size fits all" approach
  • Faster understanding of standard system reports and how they relate to what's going on in other systems and other parts of the business
  • Flexible scheduling of consultants to meet your needs

Leumas Solutions will develop efficient processes for gathering the relevant data from all your sources of data, conduct analysis that are most relevant to your needs, and distribute the resulting reports/analysis with those who need it most - whether on the floor, in the kitchen, at the bar, or in the back-office.

Tools & Software

We do not mandate that you use a specific tool or software for your analytics & reporting whilst working with you. Thus, we will use your preferred reporting and analytics software (existing or acquired). Our consultants, who are very familiar with most of the major reporting & analytics tools, can also quickly learn your system even if it's not widely used in the industry.

If you do not have a meaningful reporting framework in place or are hesitant to buy new software, we can help you get started by using open-source reporting software such as BIRT and Jasper Reports. These open-source tools are FREE thus you can start exploring the benefits of improved reporting and analytics without the cost associated with acquiring new software. As your analytics and reporting needs become more sophisticated or as you and your team become more analytics-savvy, it will be your choice whether to make a gradual shift towards commercial software or maintain the status quo.

We can also use open-source databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL to set up a data repository to enable the consolidation & merging of data from all your data sources in order to provide more meaningful and holistic reporting/analytics.

Leumas Solutions also gives you the option to either host these open-source solutions yourself or allow us to do the hosting for you.