About Us


About Leumas Solutions

Leumas Solutions is a mission-driven consulting firm that helps organizations of all sizes, primarily in the healthcare and hospitality verticals, optimize the use of analytics to improve the operational and stragetic outcomes needed to enhance performance and achieve their mission.

Our Mission is to add true and sustainable value to our clients aimed at transforming our clients into best-in-class performers..

Our Philosophy is based on an absolute commitment to professional excellence and client service.

Our first priority is our clients, to whom we pledge an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations. The passion we have about helping our clients succeed enables us to foster mutual trust, and to be considered as partners along our clients’ route to success.

We relentlessly strive to maintain due diligence and integrity, as well as high levels of ethical and moral values. Together with our clients, we seek to do the right thing, rather than what is right for short-term glory.

Our assurance to our talent pool is to maintain a conducive work environment, as well as a professional and motivating culture. One that fosters teamwork and rewards distinguished performances.


Leumas Solutions was founded by Samuel Ayisi, a multi-talented analytics and management professional with numerous years of proven expertise in various functional roles, including core corporate management functions with Fortune 100 companies.

Samuel possesses a unique blend of solid expertise in management functions as well as strong analytics skills, and has developed an excellent reputation for incorporating his technical and analytics knowledge into various corporate functions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Samuel’s educational & professional qualifications include a MBA from Idaho State University, Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Certified Financial Manager (CFM).